About us

SVET NEREZI, s. r. o.

As regards the date of origination, we are quite new company, but we are using the long-term experience of the owners in the branches of mechanical engineering and commerce.
Our company is built on 4 strong pillars:
QUALITY                    We focus on delivery of quality work and quality products.
SPEED                        We always strive to satisfy all our customers' requirements as fast as possible.
FLEXIBILITY               We deal with each client completely individually, flexibly and of course professionally.
PRICE                         We always offer competitive price to satisfy all our customers.
We deal above all with manufacture of products, semi-finished products and parts from stainless steel and other metal materials. We offer to our customers not only the manufacture itself but also a complete range of services, from the transformation of your idea into a drawing documentation, consultancy on which materials are suitable for the particular application, and finally the surface treatment.
We offer mass producton and custom manufacturing and also production for industrial premises. We produce products for domestic and outdoor architecture, such as playgrounds, bathroom and home accessories, railing, and more. We also provide manufacturing of single-purpose machines and fixtures. And last but not least, we offer brokerage activities in field of production and trade.
We mention here several of main products such as:
» stainless steel equipment for the medical, pharmaceutical, nuclear research, chemistry, food processing, catering and meat industry,
   inc. deliveries of clean rooms,
» ventilation system and air conditioning (supply turn-key from design to implementation or also individual components), 
» supply of stainless steel parts, semi-finished products and components for mechanical engineering and construction,
» products for domestic and outdoor architecture (pools, railings, fences, handrails, interior accessories, stainless steel furniture
   or parts of furniture, etc.).
We offer, not only particular products, but also works in metalwork and locksmith field, where we are able to produce on the basis of OEM Business differentiated products or their parts.